Sterilization Policy

We use the most up to date procedures and methods to ensure peace of mind for you.

  •  New needles for every customer.
  • Correct cross contamination prevention procedure.
  • Specialized clean/sterilization room.
  • “C3 Prestige Medical” vacuum autoclave (meets EU recommendations).

What all this means in everyday language is everything used during the tattoo or piercing process is either disposed of after one use, or sterilized PROPERLY (cleaned manually, cleaned with an ultrasonic, then autoclaved).

Tattoo Aftercare

Leave dressing on for at least 1 hour. Do not leave on for more than 5 hours. There is no need to cover the tattoo again.
When you remove the dressing wash the tattoo straight away with warm
soapy water and rinse well. Dry by patting softly with a clean towel.

Apply a cream up to three or four times daily while the tattoo is healing. Creams such as Bepanthan or Preperation H are suitable creams. Apply the cream sparingly and up to four times a day when tattoo is healing.

Do not pick it, Do not scratch it, Do not expose to chemicals,Do not expose to sunlight, Do not immerse it in water (especially swimming pools and communal baths). A quick shower is fine and by far the easiest way to clean it.

Be gentle with a new tattoo at all times and avoid exposing it to damage from aggressive exercise or pursuits.

If you have been tattooed some where that clothes rub against, i.e. waist, foot, etc, then you must wear suitable clothing that will not aggravate the tattoo when healing.

Tattoos take 5-7 days to heal depending on the person and their size. Some may heal in up to 3 days others can take a few weeks.

Good care is essential in healing a tattoo but if you are experiencing any extreme or adverse reaction please do not hesitate to contact us.


We have outlined a few things that should help heal your piercing.

Take Note! – These are only suggestions and if you have any adverse reactions or questions please don’t hesitate to call us.

There are various factors which will determine the healing time of your piercing. This includes diet, lifestyle, your immune system, general health and irritation to the piercing during the healing period.

Problematic Piercing can often be caused by:

Aggravation (Due to clothing on the area).

Not using  recommended aftercare products.

Any contact with unwashed hands or body fluids.

By using the appropriate aftercare solutions and keeping irritation to a minimum you will ensure the best possible environment for your piercing.


As facial and ear piercings are harder to soak, cleaning after a bath or shower will make the process much easier. Wet a clean bud with sea salt and warm water then soak around the piercing and jewelry. Make sure to remove any crust formations. When totally clean dry with fresh cotton bud. Repeat 2-3 times daily.


These piercings can be amongst the hardest to heal due to irritation from clothing and lack of air to the piercing. Any crust formations on the jewelry  should be soaked off with clean warm water. A small amount of antibacterial soap should now be lathered over the piercing and allow sit for a few minutes before being completely rinsed off with warm water. This is best done in the shower. Repeat this daily till healed. A common cause of irritation is clothing which should be kept clear of the area . Swimming pools, Saunas, sleeping on your stomach and aggressive exercise will cause problems too. To prevent irritation or infection try using ‘Tegaderm or ’Mepore’, or some similar product which is designed to keep the area clean and dry.


During the first 24 -48 hrs a tongue piercing can sometimes swell to almost twice its normal size. Drinking ice cold water and sucking ice cubes will ease swelling. Your barbell is long to allow for swelling. Swelling will last 6-8 days normally.
Non prescription painkillers and anti inflammatory medication can help reduce swelling and discomfort. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN AS THIS THINS THE BLOOD. Rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash after eating or smoking. Best to avoid smoking, kissing, Alcohol and oral sex during the healing process.
Do not chew on pens or share eating utensils while healing. Eat only liquid foods or soft foods. Avoid sugary, spicey and dairy products. When swelling recedes be sure to rinse with warm salty water. As you may not be eating much be sure to take in plenty of fluids.
The barbell will accumulate plaque over time so needs to cleaned with a brush. To avoid chipping teeth and developing a speech impediment it is advisable to change your barbel to a shorter bar after about 3 weeks. Expect a white sticky discharge during healing this is totally the norm.


Use approx 1/4 tea spoon of sea salt to 1/2 pint of hot water. Be sure to use hot water as suppose to boiling hot .
Soak a cotton bud with the saline solution and place on piercing for 5mins (or until it cools down). This helps to open the pores of the skin. Pour the remaining warm salty water into a clean container e.g navel – mug eyebrow egg cup and cover the pierced area. This helps draw out any trapped fluid and impurities.
This can be repeated a few times a week to heal a piercing , but when treating a problematic piercing, twice a day is recommended.